Hardware we recommend

  • TP Link and Ubiquiti Switches

  • Untangle and Ubiquiti Routers

  • TP Link and Ubiquiti Wifi

  • HP Printers

  • Ubiquiti and Reolink IP Cameras

  • Synology NAS

  • TP-Link Smart Home Devices

Software we recommend

  • Google Workspace

  • Microsoft Office

  • Emsisoft Anti Virus

  • EM Client

Need to back up?

We recommend iDrive for personal use

and iBackup for Business

These are just a few of the items we recommend. Contact us and we can evaluate your requirements and provide a solution for your particular needs. We know that no two homes or businesses are alike so each solution is going to be different. That is were our experience comes in. We will provide a solution that will keep your own budget in mind.