What we offer

We offer a multitude of services including but not limited to:

  • Backup solutions - We can setup or evaluate your backup strategy. If you choose us, we will also validate backups to ensure what we backup is usable.

  • Disaster Recovery - Plan for the unexpected like a flood, fire, blizzard, tornado or any number of natural disasters.

  • Malware and virus removal - Restore your system to a usable state.

  • Network management - Evaluate or setup a network and ensure all is working fine and keep it stable. We can monitor and be proactive in maintaining your systems.

  • Desktop Support - Keep your systems working at their best and ensure that when they are ready to be replaced, we will transfer all needed data and applications.

  • Printer support and recommendations - Evaluate, implement or maintain your printers or fix any number of printing issues.

  • Equipment recommendations and installations - Consulting and installation of IT equipment.

  • Managed Service agreements - Reduced fees and ensure priority support and proactive monitoring of your computers and network.

  • Documentation - Creation and maintenance of IT information documents.

  • Asset Management - Get a handle on what equipment and software you have.

Contact us and we can go over what you need and what we can provide.